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Leon A. Gorman

L.L. Bean President (1967-2001), Chairman (2001-2013), Chairman Emeritus (2013-2015)

“These are hands-on lawyers who understand our industry and how our company operates. They bring intelligence, integrity, and innovation to their representation of L.L. Bean.”

Tim Litle

Founder of Litle & Co.

“Congratulations on your firm’s victory in the U.S. Supreme Court Direct Marketing Association case and continuing to be a real defender of the Direct Marketing process!  We couldn’t have had better representation of our industry.”

Chris McCormick

Former L.L. Bean President and Chief Executive Officer (2005 to 2015)

The lawyers at Brann & Isaacson bring a wide-range of legal expertise to the business community. They are well prepared to tackle any legal challenge, yet they understand that the best legal strategy is built on strong business ethics and prevention of disputes.”

Clifton B. Knight, Jr

Executive Vice President of Bookspan LLC

“Brann & Isaacson is truly a superior law firm. They have worked with us for years, understand our business, and have been invaluable to us on a number of fronts, including tax, litigation and general corporate matters—as well as broader strategic legal issues. Beyond being top caliber and effective counsel, they are tremendously efficient, and a pleasure to work with.”

Rebecca Madigan

Former Executive Director, Performance Marketing Association

“It has been an absolute joy having the brilliance of the Brann & Isaacson lawyers to represent our industry.”

Richard Thalheimer

former President and founder of The Sharper Image

“Brann & Isaacson recently helped me, by pursuing on my behalf an administrative appeal to another state’s assessment for alleged tax liability. The firm made it possible to get the entire monetary claim dismissed in full.”

Mara D. Calame

Chief Legal Officer,The Talbots, Inc.

“The lawyers at Brann & Isaacson are vested in a true partnership with Talbots.  They understand our business, our brand and our values.  They work collaboratively with our legal and business teams with the same level of passion and intensity that we expect from our own employees.  Moreover, they appreciate the strategic value of written correspondence and polite advocacy, which has worked to Talbots’ advantage on countless occasions.”

Robert M. Edmond

CEO of Edmund Optics, Inc. and former Chairman of the Board of the Direct Marketing Association

“In our highly specialized world, you need and can only afford counsel who is experienced in your specific problem. Brann & Isaacson has specialized in meeting the needs of direct marketers and solving problems. Their industry experience is a tremendous asset in the process of finding creative solutions.”

Daniel W. Ramsey

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Orchard Brands

“Brann & Isaacson have unique knowledge of the legal issues faced by our company. Additionally, they bring a practical approach to advocacy that is a welcome aspect of our attorney–client relations. They are a smart and talented team.”

Len Mitchell,

former Vice President of Taxes of Time, Inc.

“I have worked with the firm of Brann & Isaacson for the past 7 years in my capacity as Vice President of Taxes for a major multinational corporation. They assisted me and my company in various tax related matters including multistate nexus planning and structuring, litigation, negotiation of agreements with various states and multistate organizations (e.g., the Multistate Tax Commission) and structuring of business acquisitions and combinations. My experience has been that the professional services of Brann & Isaacson are always of the highest quality. Their expertise and knowledge in the field of state taxation is the best I know of, especially as it relates to the direct marketing industry. A very significant advantage of using Brann & Isaacson is the ability to rely on them for issues that span many or all the states, thus largely eliminating the need to manage relationships with various advisors in the various states. Another significant advantage is the expertise of Brann & Isaacson in a broad range of legal services, thus avoiding the need to go to different firms for different needs (e.g., planning, technical research, settlement structuring, litigation, etc.).”