Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation

Brann & Isaacson has litigated patent, trademark, trade dress, and copyright cases in the International Trade Commission and in federal court in 19 states, including the busiest intellectual property districts of the country. The firm only represents defendants in cases brought by patent trolls and others “monetizing” their patent portfolios. We primarily represent retailers, both large and small, including over a dozen of the 100 largest Internet retailers. We do not believe that ““one size fits all. ” Whatever the client’s best interest may be—to participate in a joint defense group or go it alone; to litigate aggressively or take a cost–of–defense settlement; to seek third–party indemnification or defend its home–grown system—will be the path we take.



“Brann & Isaacson have unique knowledge of the legal issues faced by our company. Additionally, they bring a practical approach to advocacy that is a welcome aspect of our attorney–client relations. They are a smart and talented team.”

Daniel W. Ramsey, Former General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Orchard Brands

“Brann & Isaacson has provided us with very creative, highly competent and timely legal defense over the past several years.”

William G. Crutchfield, Founder & CEO, Crutchfield Corporation

Intellectual Property Protection

Brann & Isaacson advises companies, from start–ups to brand–name companies with large trademark and copyright portfolios, on the proper care of their intellectual property. Our extensive work in the catalog and online merchant space gives us the depth and breadth of expertise to assess a trademark or copyright issue and move quickly to an action plan. We have successfully searched and cleared thousands of potential trademarks, and are responsible for the prosecution and maintenance of thousands of marks in the United States and around the world. Whether a client’s needs include selecting a new brand or product name or dealing with a letter alleging trademark or copyright infringement, we have the tools and experience to help clients identify and achieve quickly the best business solution.

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