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B&I Employment Law Update: The FTC’s Rule Banning Non-Compete Clauses (Apr. 30, 2024)

A summary of the Federal Trade Commission’s Rule Banning Non-Compete Clauses.

B&I Employment Law Update: The USDOL’s Final Rule on Salary Exemption (Apr. 26, 2024)

Summary of the USDOL’s final rule on Salary Exemption, including crucial figures and deadlines.

B&I Employment Law Update: NLRB Ruling on Handbooks (Aug. 17, 2023)

The impact of the National Labor Relations Board’s Stericycle ruling on workplace policies.

B&I Privacy Law Alert: An Advertiser’s Guide to Data Privacy in 2023 (May 24, 2023)

A publication sponsored by NaviStone, Inc. on current and emerging data privacy issues for online sellers.

B&I Employment Law Update: Workplace Rights for Pregnant Workers and Nursing Mothers (Apr. 6, 2023)

Summary of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and Providing Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers Act.

B&I Employment Law Update: First Amendment Audits (Feb. 1, 2023)

A summary for public sector clients on the rights of individuals to record activities in public spaces.

B&I Employment Law Update: New Maine Employment Law (Jan. 3, 2023)

An update on Maine’s new statute on payment of wages upon separation of employment.

B&I Employment Law Update: EEOC Releases Update “Know Your Rights” Poster (Oct. 25, 2022)

Details on the new U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission poster to be posted by employers with 15 or more employees.

B&I Employment Law Update: The Latest on I-9 and the Independent Contractor Rule (Oct. 20, 2022)

The latest federal developments relating to Form I-9 document verification and independent contractors.

B&I Employment Law Update: The Latest Guidance on Covid-19 (Sept. 14, 2022)

A summary of the latest guidance from the CDC and EEOC.

B&I Employment Law Update: Maine’s New Statute Prohibiting Racial Discrimination based on Hairstyle (June 22, 2022)

Maine has passed a new law prohibiting racial discrimination based on hair texture or hairstyle.

B&I Employment Law Update: Maine’s Act Regarding the Treatment of Vacation Time upon the Cessation of Employment (May 6, 2022)

New Maine statute governing payout of accrued vacation upon separation applying to private employers with more than ten employees.

B&I Employment Update: Maine Legislation on COVID-19 Paid Leave (Apr. 27, 2022)

The Maine legislature passed a new law clarifying and expanding schools’ obligations to pay paid leave for COVID-19, effective April 15, 2022.

B&I Employment Update: Flexibilities in Form I-9 Verification Set to Expire April 30 (Mar. 30, 2022)

The latest on remote I-9 document inspections.

B&I Employment Update: Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clauses for Sexual Assault and Harassment Claims Banned (Mar. 3, 2022)

President Biden signs the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault
and Sexual Harassment Act into law.

B&I Employment Update: Compensation for Time Spent Undergoing COVID-19 Screenings and Vaccinations (Feb. 4, 2022)

Guidance on legal issues related to compensating employees for health screenings and vaccinations.

B&I Employment Update: Post OSHA ETS Issues (Jan. 18, 2022)

What lies ahead for OSHA and employers in light of the Supreme Court’s order staying implementation of the OSHA ETS.

B&I Employment Update: OSHA Vaccination and Testing Emergency Standard (Jan. 5, 2022)

Further updates on planned steps by the Maine Department of Labor.

B&I Employment Update: OSHA ETS (Dec. 20, 2021)

Updates on the OSHA emergency temporary standard and litigation challenging its implementation.

B&I Employment Update: OSHA ETS Update (Nov. 29, 2021)

An update on the state of play under the currently stayed OSHA emergency temporary standard.

B&I Employment Update: Maine’s Medical Provider Vaccine Mandate Upheld (Nov. 1. 2021)

Guidance for employers after Supreme Court allows Maine’s vaccine mandate to be enforced.

B&I Employment Update: Maine’s New Criminal Background Check Law (Oct. 15, 2021)

An update for employers on Maine’s new background check statute.

B&I Employment Update: Federal Court Rules in Favor of Maine Vaccine Mandate (Oct. 14, 2021)

Details of a court ruling denying efforts to block Maine’s vaccine mandate.

B&I Employment Update: Policies and Procedures for Remote Meetings (Oct. 7, 2021)

Details on the new Maine remote meetings law for non-profits.

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